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Commercial Building/Gardening Services in Central Scotland.

Here are some of our services. If you'd like to make a specific enquiry about the work you need carried out, or need some general advice and guidance, please don't hesitate to give us a call or drop us an enquiry via our contact page.

Asphalt and Tarmacadam Surfacing

Since 1986 we have been market leaders in asphalt and macadam surfacing. We have carried out contracts for a wide range of clients in and around Central Scotland. Our experienced team have extensive experience in all aspects of surfacing work including dealing with surface water, forming durable joints and applying the best specification to suit the circumstances.

Paving and Hard Landscaping

Whether you are planning new works or are repairing existing paving, our experienced team will get it done. Choosing from a large variety of materials, we can create or repair your ideal patio, path, steps or ramps to compliment your property. Good preparation and installation standards and the use of quality materials ensure our paving work is both beautifully done and built to last. We offer a free design service incorporating all drainage, kerbs, retaining walls etc required to ensure the works achieve high standards.

Surfacing Repairs

We have developed unique processes to ensure that we can provide the highest quality of repairs on the market. Our unique innovative techniques offer substantial benefits over conventional surfacing repair methods. We firstly survey and number each defect, produce a report categorising the type of defect and cost of repairs, allowing Clients to keep on top of potholes etc as far as their budget allows. This allows Clients to set aside a periodic budget for repairs and tackle them as and when their budget allows or according to risk assessment.

Infrared Repairs

Infrared repairs produce very high quality repairs with seamless joints. The process suits working out with normal working hours, is very quiet with little disruption and is ideally suited to retail outlets, superstores, railway platforms, footbridges etc. Rather than having a patchwork effect of multiple repairs, our system leaves a smooth and continuous surface with no new joints therefore a far better and more durable surface.

Bridge Deck and Multi Storey Repairs

Our Infrared repair system requires very little excavation, therefore it is ideally suited to repairs to surfacing on bridge decks, flat roofs of car parks etc and will provide watertight seals around the repair with little risk of damaging the waterproofing layer on the concrete deck. It can be done withoutusing jack hammers and road saws and with very little disruption.

Walls and Retaining Structures

We can provide various types of retaining walls which will retain embankments, create elevated platforms, cut into steep embankments for parking spaces or level up areas on sloping sites. Our walls are attractive as well as functional. We can design and build retaining structures by a variety of methods, from traditional brick walls to large precast concrete blocks and timber crib walls.

Drainage Works

We have a wealth of experience in installing new drainage and repairing existing damaged pipe-work, sunken gully or manhole covers etc. We install tanks and separators, field drainage, sewers and manholes from small to large installations. We are also specialists in paving, landscaping and surfacing, ensuring that all works are reinstated to the highest standards.

Machine and Equipment Installations

Whether it’s a small concrete base for a lighting column or a large complex foundation for an industrial assembly line we can carry out the installation with precision and to required deadlines. We can work to fixed cost lump sum contracts and to Clients’ hours of operation and specific site circumstances.

Demolition, Site Clearance and Earthworks

We offer the full range of preparatory works, allowing our clients to separate specialist enabling or infrastructure works from their builder’s package. Our works are carried out to precise and exacting standards using 3D surveying equipment, and controlled by our experienced engineering team for optimum efficiency and duration.

Site Servicing

We specialise in construction of roads, sewers, services and infrastructure for small developments, whether it’s for housing or commercial development. We are approved contractors for roads and sewers and have a wealth of experience in this type of work. Separating this work package means better organisation, better quality, fixed costs, and less risk to the developer.

Modular Block Walling

We can provide modular block walls which make simple and effective retaining structures, can be used for storage bays, platforms for buildings or machinery, river or sea defence, bridge abutments, safety barriers etc. These blocks are not fixed together and so can be built temporarily then taken down and moved as required. Blocks are available for sale or hire.

Tanks and Interceptors

We specialise in installation of septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, petrol interceptors, grease traps, rainwater harvesting collectors etc and can advise, specify, design and install without the need for employing additional consultants. We can arrange the whole package including planning and warrants in-house to suit your requirements.


Aggregates & Landscaping SuppliesView detailed summaries of the materials and aggregates we use on our projects; everything from concrete sand to quartz gravel and reclaimed materials.
Local Authority & UtilitiesWe carry out road construction and repair, public park/cemetery surfacing, drainage works and demolition services. See this section for more information on these services.
Commercial & RetailSite Servicing/Groundworks
  • Site clearance
  • Machine/equipment installation
  • Materials supply
  • Site servicing
  • Surface repairs
  • Tank/interceptor installation
  • Modular wall blocking